Mason di Emperor’s impressive collection includes hit singles: “6 East” (on the 6 East Riddim), “Wine My World”, “Summer Vibes” and My Mama. Summer Vibes ranked Number One on the Japanese Reggae Zion Top 100 chart.  His 2016 EP album, “Overcome”, combines reggae, soul and country western styles of music to create a fascinating vibe that continues to excite listeners and broadly showcases his creative talent. The first single, “You’ll Never Need” featuring Queen Ifrica, ranked #6 on the Stampede Street Charts and #4 on the Ron Muschette World Reggae Charts, in Jamaica. Mason di Emperor’s first full Reggae Lover’s Rock album, titled “Lover’s Rock”, boasts 15 hit songs including two cover songs, one of which features Eban Brown, the lead vocalist of the American group “The Stylistics”. The Lover’s Rock album reached #3 on Guam's Top 5 chart, was considered for the Grammy Nomination in 2018, and inspired Mason di Emperor to write his first book, titled “Changed Man: Lover's Rock-Escape Through Music”. Mason di Emperor’s most recent mini Ep release, “Freedom”, displays a different style and message; fusing reggae and soul genres with lyrics of painful truths the artist has been longing to express.


In 2019, Mason di Emperor released a six-song playlist, "The Chosen Six", which represents some of Mason di Emperor's Best work to date, featuring Dean Fraser and Eban Brown of The Stylistics. The Chosen Six are from his Overcome EP, Lover's Rock Album, Freedom EP and One Brand New Single Titled "With You I'm In Love"; debuting in this playlist!


Mason di Emperor has made his mark in the music scene over the years, producing and performing with many major award-winning recording artistes and producers, including Rayon "Short Boss" Webb, Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrica, Dean Fraser, Vybz Kartel, Mariah Carey among many others. His talent has accorded him the opportunity to travel all corners of the world, performing at world renowned venues including Tokyo Dome in Japan, where Mason di Emperor now resides when not home in Jamaica. His official band, "The Rebel Soulz", resides in Jamaica.


Mason di Emperor’s rich musical background, technical training, and diverse experience, collaborating with artistes from a cross section of genres, has influenced his unique sound. He continues to influence the industry with his innovative works and will indefinitely be a member of the global music community.

Producer, Engineer, Composer, Arranger, Writer, Performer and Author; Mason di Emperor, although widely associated with the Lover's Rock/Reggae/Soul styles, isn't attached to any particular genre. He has fluidly moved from one genre to another, constantly challenging himself, his fellow musicians, and the listening audience. This is largely attributed to his education, beginning Violin studies at the age of 8 and continuing with Saxophone and Bass Guitar by the age of 14. He later taught himself chord structure and harmony at the piano.

Vocalists like Maurice White, Luther Vandross, Bob Marley, Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown, Donny Hathaway, Third World, David Ruffin, Aswad and Frankie Beverly influence his vocal technique--to name a few. He first toured Japan in 1989 and later began performing and recording with famed, Japan rap group M.K. FRESH in 1991. Mason di Emperor then created the Acapella group "UNIFIED". This group would hit all of the major spots in Asia and eventually perform as background vocalists for artist Mariah Carey of Sony Recordings.

Mason di Emperor brings his inner passion to every piece of work he creates. Although he is a gifted vocalist and author, his musical compositions, arrangements, productions and engineering had been his principal voice to the world. "I'm Always seeking to find and bring out the Soul of a song in the music and vocals--my own vocals or another's." he says.

Other associated major and up-coming artistes in the entertainment business: Sizzla, Luciano, Lukie D, Tony Curtis, Junior 'One Blood' Reid, Flourgon, Mikey General, Admiral Tibet, Anthony B, Chuck Fenda, Jr. Cat, I-Wayne, Lexxus, Gramps Morgan, Angel, Andrew & Wada Blood, Koddy (Japan), Malik Gita, DJ Ike, DJ Kid Capri, Claudius 'Supa' England, C-Sharp Band, Live Wyya Band, Danny Bassie, Owen Bassie, Wrong Move, Bongo Herman, Hezron, Nahki (Japan), Hi-D (Japan), York (Japan).

Dedicated and accomplished... Lead Producer, Engineer and Managing Member of Rebel Soulz

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